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We offer a wide variety of diffrent services that is tailerd to suite the Residential, Commercial & Industrial needs.
  • Manufacturing of Aluminium as well as fitment thereof. This includes Aluminium Windows, sliding doors, stacking doors, Aluminium burglar bars, Aluminium Trellis Gates With Slam Lock Function, Aluminium Garage Doors and automation.
  • Property Maintenance is both Commercial as well as residential. Painting, Tiling, Laminated Flooring and carpentry.
  • Waterproofing And Roofing. New Roofs, asbestos roofs, Dampproofing, ECO rubber roof spraying and general repairs and maintenance of roofs.
  • Home Improvements. Building, Alterations and additions.
  • Security Products. No one wants to think about innovation of property or burglary. These are realities that could affect your family when you least expect it. You can never be too safe but you can get peace of mind by choosing the correct security systems we have on offer.
  • Our Secure Bar System

Specifically designed for homes or offices and custom manufactured to suit your requirements.

Reveal fix burglar proofing which suits all window types. Each individual bar is drilled and counter-sunk into the reveal on both sides and secured in place with industrial epoxy.

Our system is available in two styles, namely

The Modern Horizontal style and the Traditional Cottage Pane Style

1 .Horizontal style – Bars are installed in a parallel pattern. On windows where the width exceeds 1100mm a vertical support post is installed which is in one with the window mullion.

2. Cottage Pane style – This system is comprised of installing vertical and horizontal bars to create a grid-like pattern.

Advantages of our reveal fix burglar proofing:

  • Aesthetically appealing to the eye
  • Suits all window types
  • Option to secure only opening windows or the entire window
  • For both systems. No bolts, No nuts and No screws are used, therefore preventing vulnerable access points
  • Strength and Durability
  • Bars are treated for Corrosion and Epoxy Coated

Available colours: White, Charcoal, Natural Silver, and Bronze

Security Gates

Retractable security gates provide a physical barrier that acts as a visible deterrent to the majority of burglars and complement other forms of security. The retractable security gate system combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home, office or retail premises. It is designed in such a way as to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for patio doors, French doors and any other vulnerable doors providing excellent through vision and ventilation when locked.

They are manufactured from the highest grade of Aluminium and are powder coated in a selected range of colours

These retractable gates/ trellis gates are easy to handle with a smooth quiet operation. They hang from a top track with a guide track at the base. All doors come standard with a Slam lock. The flights are 3mm thick3 and the number of rows of flights will vary on a high ratio. All the sides of the barrier are fixed thus offering you maximum security.

Available colours: White, Charcoal, Natural Silver, and Bronze

Company Info

We offer a complete range of construction services. Whether you’re looking to expand, renovate, or build a new facility from scratch, the experts at JEH Projects can help you every step of the way.

Our Services

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